“Creality sent me a bowl” and other leveling woes

“Creality Sent me a Bowl!” and Other Bed Leveling Woes Bed leveling is the learning curve. Just work through it. Why is this so important? Because without a level bed, your not going to print anything. A level bed is quite literally a foundational 3D printing skill. Without a good, evenly leveled (or trammed) bed, […]

HotBox Project

Lessons Learned: HotBox Project Fayette County Additive was born out of the various successes and failures, of the Ender-5 HotBox Project. Based on the fundamental idea that there is nothing innately difficult about using the super-hi-temp industrial and engineering polymers commonly processed on large multi-thousand dollar machines, especially when using a common build p[ate size […]

Crash Course 3D Printing

Crash Course 3D printing, for the Total Beginner: Or: Help! I bought a 3D printer. What now? So you finally pulled the trigger, huh? Picked up a 3D printer for your home or office? Welcome to the community, however it doesn't stop here. 3D printing is not quite like an inkjet printer, as 3D printing […]

Basic uses of GCODE

Common gcode commands, all in one place. Super Easy. I've gotten tired of searching for the same commands over and over, so here is a easy to use reference. PID Tune, Hotend Set Values M303 E0 S260 C8 M301 P(value) I(value) D(value) Where E is the extruder number (single extruder is E0), S is the […]

The Pursuit of Hotter

The Pursuit of Hotter: General rules for pushing your printer further So you've mastered the PLA that came with your printer, and your ready to go forth and use more advanced materials. You look online, and everyone says you need new hotend, or a glass bed, or a silicone heater pad in order to do […]

Hello world!

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