V6-Industrial Hotend Module

All-Metal constructed and fully Heat-assembled hotend module for high temperature printing.

Every Component is rated for at least 450c, enabling the safe extrusion of every printable thermoplastic, with a 0.6mm hardened nozzle that lends itself to printing stronger and faster parts. A quick and comprehensive replacement for the stock hotend assembly that can push your printer farther than ever before.

To be clear; this is all you need for extrusion temperatures of 450c. It's all in the box.


  • Heatsink, bimetal heatbreak, brass heatblock, 0.6mm hardened nozzle
  • 450c high-temperature thermistor (1m wire with quick disconnect)
  • 50w high-powered heater cartridge (1m wire with quick disconnect)
  • 30×10 dual-bearing fan (1m wire with quick disconnect) and fan bracket
  • 1m bowden tube
  • Firmware micro sd card
  • Creality hotend adapter

WARNING: This hotend requires a firmware update for use. Compatible firmwares an be found here, or you can compile your own.

The necessary firmware changes the maximum safe temperature from safe for a normal hotend, to safe for this one. Do not update firmware before the physical install is complete!

$75.99 $60.00

Print hotter than ever before and expand your 3D printing portfolio into high-powered engineering materials for the most demanding applications. This hotend module will allow extrusion of any printable thermopalstic currently avaliable, for true no-limits 3D printing.

The Hotend may come with some minor discoloration of metal surfaces from heat-assembly to ensure an issue-free experience. Ender 3 firmware ia avaliable in the firmware bank. Other 3D printers will require new firmware to be compiled and flashed, such as with a bed probe.

Heat tightening is performed at 300c, to minimize discoloration of that beautiful machined brass finish. Reseat the nozzle before exceeding 300c.

Appropriate Marlin firmware settings for high temperature thermistors.

Modify the following lines in configuration.h

#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 66

#define HEATER_0_MINTEMP 21

#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 500

Modify the following lines in configuration_adv.h